Jul 9, 2016  
I have head strep and pneumonia for the last week which gave me some time to knock a few things off the todo list for work. One, of those things was to work out lazy loading with JsTree, but I had to rewrite the class I'd been using to even get started. W
Jul 2, 2016  
As a practice while reading Refactoring to Collections by Adam Wathan, I've been refactoring one my helper methods to output a json array from a directory for JsTree. My previous method was a single recursive function nightmare full of while and foreach s
Jun 28, 2016  
I hacked together a Prism syntax highlighter Gist theme. I mostly work with PHP, but you could go on to extend the prism.css to match up with any set of languages you wanted. I simply compiled it from their download page with the line numbers plugin.
Jun 24, 2016  
I've upgraded Laravel a bunch of times for many of my apps. It can be a serious pain in the ass sometimes. Months ago, I remember hearing the buzz about Laravel Shift. The cost of a shift from Laravel 5.0 to 5.1 was only $9 and would be fun to try, eh. I
May 7, 2015  
I decided to go a different route on page titles and meta data this go around of updating my blog to the latest Laravel release. It's a fairly simple blog, but I thought I would share my blade partial that I created.
May 5, 2015  
I ran into a situation at work the other day that required Laravel be installed in a subdirectory. I personally prefer Nginx, but their production server is running Apache, so I created a staging environment that would mimic production.
Oct 27, 2013  
Cached routes are great, but I'm inpatient when it comes to waiting. I've come up with a few different approaches for viewing my changes to blog post like my viewDraft action. However, I like to have options. What I came up with might be useful for someon
Sep 18, 2013  
I've been looking into the idea of a Flickr widget ever since I discovered the API package on Packalyst. It had it's headaches in the beginning, but I'm very pleased with the overall result. I thought I would share my experience. Again, we're going to uti
Sep 17, 2013  
I can be really slow at times and I'm not afraid to admit it. I don't want to start there though, I'd rather start with some praises about Basset and how much time it has saved me. If you don't know, Basset is an asset management package by Jason Lewis. (
Sep 16, 2013  
So I'm experimenting with the power and flexibility of Larvel 4. This "blog/site" for me is just a learning experience or proof of concept. With that being said, I rely on those who came before to bring me up to speed. Yes, I'm very corny.